Home Business “Malyshev Plant” will take a billion UAH loan to manufacture tanks

“Malyshev Plant” will take a billion UAH loan to manufacture tanks

Photo from zn.ua

The Ukrainian government has provided the State Enterprise “Malyshev Plant” for the state guarantees for the loan in the amount of 1 billion 83 thousand UAH, with the aim of the development of the manufacture of tanks “Oplot”. This model was recognized to be the best tank in the world according the rating of tanks 2015.

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to manufacture under the state guarantees automatic missiles, aircrafts, and tanks “Oplot” for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers a resolution N1083 from December 25th, released on Friday’s evening, the fee for the provision of the guarantee is 0.001% per year. To obtain the state guarantee, the company must provide for a statement concerning the absence of taxes and fees debts.

The government also released “Malyshev Plant” from the obligation to provide property and other performance bonds to get the state guarantee. Control over the execution of the program is entrusted to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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