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All sport poker clubs shut down in Kharkiv

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The issue of poker legalization in Ukraine is closely familiar to each fan of the game, and while the authorities are trying to find a compromise in legislative matters, sport poker clubs, which are not restricted in the country, are trying to organize their activities.

A capital poker club “New Imperial”, which was opened in early November, failed to keep working. The police paid a visit to the club less than in a week after its opening and found certain inconsistencies with the current legislation. The institution has been forced to stop its work.

The only city in Ukraine where an offline poker was still alive was Kharkiv until recently. Here, in an autumn series of tournaments WSF Poker Tour were placed and successfully passed. It was so successful that in December WSF Poker Tour came back to Kharkiv. However, this could not happen without some difficulties.

At the very beginning the series were suddenly moved out of the club “Full House” to “Flash” because of problems with electricity. Then on December 24th, it was announced that all the sports poker clubs in the city were closed by a “call”. It reminded Ukrainian poker players of the event a year ago, when in the middle of December 2014 all the places, where poker lovers could legally play, had been also shut down.

According to preliminary estimates the Kharkiv clubs will remain closed at least until the middle of January 2016.

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