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Kharkiv youth inspected the inside of the Kharkiv subway

Photo from newsroom.kh.ua

Today, on December 25th, members of the Youth Council had a tour of “Kharkiv Metro” facilities. At first, the young people visited a museum of the enterprise and then went to the depot to see from the inside how the subway works.

“I see that the guys are very happy, because they have seen a lot, as from a train window our company looks quite different, as it really is. They put even quite professional questions: about the train operation, lines service, the subway work at night, repair of the carriages. I think they will benefit from this tour,” said the deputy director of the company, Vladislav Terenkov.

“When the Youth Council was created, the guys wanted to get acquainted with the work of public utilities of the city, and of local authorities’ operation. So we organized such an excursion,” he added.


“This will help young people to understand better the infrastructure and operation of municipal services. The structure of the Youth Council is very similar to Kharkiv City Council structure: there specialized commissions work, which will put forward and consider a variety of ideas and suggestions for improving the city life. We can say that now the guys are getting some experience,” said Deputy Head of the Department for Family and Youth Affairs, Svetlana Sitnik.

It is planned that in the future young people will visit other utilities, as well as departments of the City Council. Recalling that the Youth Council was created on December 8th, 2015.


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