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VII International Rights Film Festival “Steps” will be held in Kharkiv


VII International Rights Film Festival “Steps” will be held on December 24-27 at the Kharkiv cinema “8 1/2”, as announced the organizers. Last year it wasn’t carried out due to the lack of funding.

“Steps” is the first unique project on the territory of the Commonwealh of Independent States (CIS) which since 2007 has been uniting the movie industry and the human rights sphere in the social project of the international level. More than 50 countries will participate in the film festival this year.

63JbX2xckYwThe main purpose of the event is to attract public’s attention to the “inconvenient truth”, prejudices and violence in today’s world where the humiliation of human rights is closely connected with the destruction of the world. The festival accepts films dedicated to human rights, animal and environmental protection, social, philosophical films, films on moral aspects.

“The works of festival participants call for understanding of the simple truth “Everyone is responsible for everything that happens around him”. We believe in a stimulating, educational power of cinema, which, no doubt, is an important educational and inspiring instrument of influence on the society,” said the organizers.

The film festival “Steps” is keen to expand the boundaries of humanity, to draw public attention to the spiritual and moral ideals and values. The organizers believe that the movie – is an extraordinary, strong and universal tool through which it’s possible to illustrate important social issues by popular and easy way.

The organizer of the Film Festival “Steps” is Igor Parfenov, social activist, film director, laureate and winner of over 30 international film festivals, the President of the Human Rights Centre “Steps” which actively protects the human rights, animal welfare and environment since 1997.

The partners of VII International Rights Film Festival: NN STUDIO, Typography “Printhouse”. The event will be held with the support of: United Nations in Ukraine, Program “UN Volunteers” in Ukraine, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and others.

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