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Paintings of Kharkiv military were exhibited in London

Photo from http://kurs.if.ua/

After taking part in hostilities in the ATO area two Kharkiv military men for the first time took up paint brushes and expressed their feelings. Now their works are shown at the exhibition in London, dedicated to the situation in Ukraine.

The ATO soldiers made a debut in London unexpectedly. They became members of the creative rehabilitation program “Creative Kriїvka”, which is carried out for the second year in the Carpathian mountains. There soldiers and their families were surrounded by beautiful nature, communicated with local people, painted pictures, and even engaged in culinary creativity.

“London exhibition “Faces of War” support our project. They help us to hold events dedicated to the war in the east of Ukraine. One such event took place in February, and it included an exhibition of works of the children from the ATO area,” told us a project manager of “Creative Kriїvka”, Vitalina Maslova.

“Some of the works were exhibited at the British Embassy, ​​and three or four paintings were even sold at an auction. Recently, the British Embassy held another event, – an exhibition devoted to the events in Ukraine. Four works of Kharkiv soldiers, Petro Vitushko and Anton Gritsenko, could be seen there” Vitalina Maslova added.

At the end of November an exhibition of the ATO fighters works was held in Kharkiv Automobile and Transport College. The exhibition was held in the auction format: visitors could buy favorite paintings. Proceeds from the sale of paintings went for the development of the project “Creative Kriivka”.

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