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Smart antikafe works in Kharkiv

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A resident of Kharkiv has opened a smart cafe, where you can learn to make robots. Guests can collect Legos and play board games. Some visitors come to repair something for themselves, as the necessary tools are provided, and people who can help. In addition, there are regular seminars and training sessions.

It took five months to develop the concept, select the desired space, and create the atmosphere.

laDtyNRoq5sAlexander Polyakov is the creator of the smart cafe. “In 2014, I traveled to Spain with friends. We went to a place where visitors assembled the Lego constructors. While sitting in a cafe, we planned to open a similar place in Kharkiv which would not only have the constructors, but people could also develop their thinking, acquire knowledge, and improve themselves,” Alexander said in an interview for “Segodnya“.

pRIHKlJ7SsYThis 24-year-old entrepreneur graduated from the University of Radio Electronics, and now he tries to inspire the residents and visitors of Kharkiv with his hobby.

“The most difficult part was to not lose motivation. Many people said, well, why are you doing this, no one will visit the cafe and you will lose money. But most of these people are passive and do not do anything,” says the young entrepreneur.

Despite the fact that the structure of the robot industry in Ukraine is less developed than abroad, Alexander wants to create a large community in Kharkiv, which will self-develop in robotics. To promote it, he plans to organize a robots competition in a smart cafe in the summer.

Smart antikafe was opened in March 2015, on the Otakar Yarosh street, 18.

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