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When Kharkiv patrols can “forgive” the offender?

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At the round table “Patrol force. The first work results in Kharkiv” inspectors of the Monitoring and Analytical Procurement Department, police lieutenants, Dennis Boytsov and Evgenia Shvedun, told about the circumstances when an offense could be punished by a verbal warning only.

According to the police, whether to give a ticket or not for minor offenses, – it is a private matter of each patrol. “Everything is at the discretion of the patrol. Most often, if the offense is minor, the inspector will release the person. We do not have any race for indicators: to bring 10 offenders today and 15 people tomorrow. Things do happen when we make no one protocol for the whole shift,” says Denis Fighters.

Parking violation is among the most common offenses. “Recently such a case happened at Heroiv Pratsi Street. The road sigh was really difficult to notice. The detainee said he had not seen it. It would be a sin to give a ticket when the sigh was really hard to notice. It should be done in another way – a patrol must make a report and bring it to the appropriate department in order to specialists get on with road sighs”, Dennis Boytsov said.

If a person creates a dangerous situation, the probability of the fine payment increases. “Another thing, for example, when a man stopped his car in the wrong place, and thus, blocked the exit of the fire brigade. Fortunately they had no calls at that moment,” said the patrol.

Photo by Alena Nagaevschuk / Vgorode
Photo by Alena Nagaevschuk / Vgorode

According to Denis Boytsov, an inspector must always understand what the consequences of the case are, and what exactly the offender should be punished for. “If there is no financial or physical damage or serious threat to the society, then, in principle, a person will be given a verbal warning only,” – he explains.

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