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Kharkiv small business is ready to go into the shadows

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The simplified tax system cancellation could affect catastrophically Kharkiv small and medium business, as yesterday, on December 10th, the president of “Association of Private Employers”, Alexander Chumak, stated at the meeting with deputy chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Julia Svetlichnaya.

According to Alexander Chumak, with the introduction of cash registers from January 1st 2016, small business in Kharkiv region could go into the shadows.

“Americans are ready to provide us for technical assistance to the cash registers be purchased and delivered to the entrepreneurs. As an option it could be realized at the expense of tax payments. For example, I spent 7,000 hryvnias and I am entitled to underpay this amount to the budget. This is a completely normal thing, but in parallel it is needed to simplify the administration system, and demonopolize the cash registers market,” he said.

Julia Svetlichnaya agreed with the arguments of the Kharkiv businessmen and promised to support them in this matter, and submit a relevant application to the Cabinet of Ministers and to the Ministry of Finance.

“I accept your position concerning “simplified tax payers” because, really, Kharkiv is a special area, where small and medium business is of importance, it is the driving force of any state. But, of course, I would like the entrepreneurs to emerge gradually from the shadows. Because, we are all aware that the huge business part operates there,” Julia Svetlichnaya stated.

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