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How much does it cost to rent an apartment on New Year’s Eve in Kharkiv?

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According to Kharkiv realtors, people usually book apartments for the New Year celebration two weeks before it and until December 31st. The rental price depends not only on the region and the quality of repairs, but on the number of people planning to rest there.

“For example, a one-bedroom apartment will cost 250 – 800 hryvnias per night on New Year’s Eve. A two-bedroom flat can be ranged between 600 – 2000 hryvnias, the price of a three-bedroom unit starts from 3000 hryvnias. As a rule, more expensive apartments are located in the central areas of the city” told us an expert on real estate, Igor Balaka.

Kharkivens can also celebrate the most important holiday of the year in a hotel. A standard room for one night will cost about 500 hryvnias, including breakfast. A luxury suite apartment with a large living room, a bedroom and two bathrooms, will be at a cost of 2,500 hryvnias per night.

The price of a cottage rent is almost the same in the city and its region. A one-storey private house starts from 1,000 hryvnia per night. It is possible to find a two-storey cottage for the same price, as well as to rent a luxury house with all the comfort for 20,000 hryvnias per night, as the Kharkiv realtors stated.

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