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Who plays rock in the Kharkiv castle?

Kharkiv musician Nikita Rubchenko presented a new video, which was filmed in Sharovka (Bogodukhov district, Kharkiv region). Musician has posted a video on his page Vkontakte.

Nikita Rubchenko is known for a performance of the rock version of Ukrainian anthem, which got more than 800,000 views on YouTube (2014). “I recorded anthem in support of Ukraine, and I could not even expect such a result,” he told TKT.

Photo from VK
Photos from VK

The video was filmed in Sharovka with the participation of an orchestra of 35 musicians: folk instruments, strings and a heavy rhythm section. Rubchenko defines the style of his music as something new for Ukraine – the instrumental “simforock” with Ukrainian folk.

WeqtNZB1Ql0Nikita told us how the idea of the video has came: “After the anthem, and the single with Nastya Prikhodko, I realized that I want and I can do such a project, I have dreamed of for many years. We started writing this music with Misik Yaroslav (pianist in the clip) when we were students. I decided to add Ukrainian folk, as I believe that the potential of folk instruments is not yet disclosed to the end.”

Musician plans to make 3 more videos. He also shared with us that he faced challenges, when creating the video, and the preparation started in April 2015. Nevertheless, Nikita said: “We made the best we could (from an artistic point of view). We know how to do better, but we do not have such conditions and budget now”.

Reference. Sharovka castle was built in the XIX century by Leopold Kenig. It was one of the main attractions of the Kharkiv region, but now it is actually in a derelict state.

Photo from myplanet.com.ua
Photo from myplanet.com.ua
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