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The best November proposals of the project “Active Kharkiven”

Photo from trinixy.ru

Through an online project “Active Kharkiven” of Kharkiv City Council the citizens can propose their suggestions for improving of social, cultural, educational, sports, and housing fields of the city.

The best proposals of the project “Active Kharkiven” in November are as follows:

The greatest number of votes was received for the proposal to forbid drivers leaving tractor-trailers on the roadway in the dormitory districts of the city and introduce a special parking for this purpose, ( 87% of affirmative votes).

An offer to create bike paths along Moskovsky Avenue outside the driveway during the avenue reconstruction also received significant support (86% of affirmative votes).

In addition, 81% of voters approved the proposal to start punished with fines those citizens who set rubbish and leaves on fire, with the involvement of the police patrols in the private sector.

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