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Delegation of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee is in the USA


From December 4 to 11 in the United States works the Ukrainian Jewish Committee delegation headed by people’s deputy and one of the most influential people in Kharkiv Alexander Feldman.

“The purpose of our visit – to strengthen relations between Ukraine and the United States, to build a plan for further actions and inform our friends about the situation in Ukraine,” said Alexander Feldman.

The MP met with President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder, head of the World inter-confessional Council “Religion for Peace” William Vendli, head of the Catholic Church of America Cardinal Timothy Dolan, congressman, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Ted Deutsch, an influential US investor Michael Steinhardt.

“We need to build a productive cooperation between Ukraine and the United States at the level of inter-confessional dialogue. We see the interest of American partners to obtain maximum in-depth information about the situation in our country from first hand and willingness to help us at every possible ways,” noticed Alexander Feldman commenting on the meeting.

According to the politician, the key issues for the United States to support Ukraine are the preservation of international sanctions, assistance in the framework of the defense budget of the United States, financing in the framework of cooperation with the IMF and the US government.

“Apart from everything else, we learn on others for support in the liberation of captured by terrorists Ukrainian hostages and illegally detained citizens of Ukraine,” said the politician.

According to him, the meeting showed that “America for Ukraine is a true friend and partner on which we can count on in difficult times”.

Reference. The Ukrainian Jewish Committee is a Kiev-based organization representing Ukrainian Jews. Its director general is Eduard Dolinsky and its president is the Ukrainian MP Aleksander Feldman.

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