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Participants of the ATO, who need prosthetics, will travel to the United States

Photo from ru.publika.md

December 7th, Kharkiv lawyers and the leadership departments of the regional administration met with the ATO fighters in a military hospital.

Director of the Department of Health of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleksandr Galatsan said that participants of the ATO, who need a complex prosthesis, will travel to the US clinic.

“The US experts will help participants of the ATO in prosthetics, using the most advanced electronics, information technologies and biomechanics. We have 7 ATO soldiers, who are examined and treated at the Institute of prosthetics. Three more people are being treated in hospital for ATO’s veterans now”, said Oleksandr Galatsan.

Authorized persons held consultations and answered the questions of fighters undergoing treatment at the Military Medical Clinical Center of Northern region in Kharkiv.

Now the necessary medical documentation of patients is being prepared and sent to the State Service for war veterans and members of ATO.

Recall, more than 200 million were allocated for IDPs’ habitation.

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