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Kharkiv corporation plans to enter the market of Central Europe


The Ukrainian railway holding company “Shlyah/Way” from Kharkiv plans to expand its operations to Central Europe including Poland. The company has established a subsidiary «West Way» with headquarters in Warsaw, said to ISBnews President of the Supervisory Board of the joint stock company “Shlyah” Alexander Svatenko.

“Entering the market of Central Europe, in particular the Polish market is a long-term strategy. This solution isn’t only caused by the changes in the economic climate in Ukraine and Russia. After the signing of the Association Agreement between EU-Ukraine and the abolition of barriers for capital formation, goods and services, we see new opportunities for cooperation and participation in projects. This year, we analyzed the conditions of business in Poland and got acquainted with the technical specifications compliance with which is required in the execution of the contracts. We are convinced that we have a number of competitive advantages that can be used in Poland. The quality of our work will be at the same level but we will do it faster and cheaper,” said Alexander Svatenko.

The company “Shlyah” executed the contracts on the whole territory of Ukraine from Lviv to Donetsk, as well as in Russia and western Siberia for an overall amount of $ 200 million. The business card of the company is the construction of 50 km of new railway lines in the framework of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

“Taking into account the plan of implementation of the projects in Poland and Central Europe, especially in the framework of an ambitious plan “A new perspective of the EU 2014-2020”, we believe that will be enough work for everyone. We are having a conversation with a number of Polish companies specializing in the construction of railway lines,” confirmed the president of the supervisory board “Shlyah”.

The company “Shlyah” specializes in designing of transportation infrastructure, earthworks, construction of artificial structures, railway lines and electrification.

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