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Horrible snowfall or how to help the city officials to save Kharkiv?

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Official site of the Kharkiv City Council has now a special section on the situation which has arisen due to the snowfall.

Residents of the city can leave a request with the address where the problem arose because of the disaster. You can also take a photo of fallen trees, supports, damaged contact network and more. The only thing required is to fill out a form on the City Council website.

Applications will be immediately transferred to the information and dispatching service: 15-62.

One can also report on the impacts of disaster on the mayor phone reception: 760-72-21, as well as on a mobile phone the director of the Department of Control of the City Council, Alexei Artikulenko, 067-578-40-62.

Recall that in the night of December 1/2, precipitation significantly increased in Kharkiv. The Department of Infrastructure informed that, at the moment, there were recorded 54 delays in the traffic of urban surface electric. 528 trees and 636 large branches fell on the road and the roadway, 18 breaks of the contact network have happened, as a consequence – loss of power supply.

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