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In Kharkiv want to create a European House


The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine and the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic in Kharkiv initiate new projects.

Recently the second secretary of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Ukraine, the director of the Czech Centre in Kiev Lucia Rzhegorzhikova visited Kharkiv. The second secretary arrived in Kharkiv with honorable mission – to expand the cultural relations of our city with the Czech Republic, informed Vecherniy Kharkov.

“In January 2016 together with the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Kharkiv Oleg Chigrinov we will open Czech language courses. We hope that this will contribute to the deepening of interest to our country and strengthening of relations between the citizens of our countries,” said Lucia Rzhegorzhikova.

If the course participants have a fluent level of Czech they will have the opportunity to become students of the Czech state universities and study alongside with Czech students on a general basis without paying tuition.

During the visit, Lucia Rzhegorzhikova met with representatives of the Kharkiv City Hall and discussed the prospects of joint projects in Kharkiv and its Czech twin city Brno. Moreover, the director of the Czech Centre together with the city authorities is considering the implementation of a large-scale project in Kharkiv.


“In January 2016 we plan an official meeting with representatives of the European Union. We believe that it would be important to create a European House – cultural training center where all the representations of cultural diplomacy of the EU in Kharkiv could create a common information and cultural platform. All the information about the different European countries will be concentrated in the European house. There we can create a public library and information space where Kharkivens can find out what is happening in the European Union; open modern laboratory for learning foreign languages; organize presentations of European products where Kharkivens could try Czech beer, Austrian coffee, German sausages, Slovak cheese. We believe that in such atmosphere will born good initiatives,” shared the plans Lucia Rzhegorzhikova.

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