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Kharkiv footballers staged their own “Maidan”

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Footballers of Kharkiv “Metalist” football club staged a protest before the match with Kirovograd team “Alexanderia”. The Kharkivens refused to take the field because of wage arrears and the total disregard from the side of the president of the club.

The match “Alexandria” – “Metallist” began with a half-hour delay. Until the very last it was not clear whether the players took the field. The goalkeeper of the Kharkiv team, Rustam Khudzhamov, in an interview for “Football” channel has shed light on the situation.

“We decided at the team meeting that we won’t play the match because of debts and the fact that no one has contacted us. It was a gesture of despair, however we have manage to draw attention to our team. We hope that the man with whom we spoke on the phone, will keep his word,” said Khudzhamov.

The president of “Metalist” Sergei Kurchenko promised the players that he will pay them gradually.

“Ukarainian history demonstrated that if you keep silent, you will be killed. We are tired to remain silent and believe. We have such a mentality that we are kind. Tell me, would a foreigner play without a salary? He will gather his bags, blow kisses and leave the team. We will play the last game. I hope that our club will not die” said the goalkeeper of “Metalist”.

The match ended not in favor of the Kharkivens. “Metalist” conceded to the home team with a score of 0:2.

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