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The best Ukrainian cardiac surgeons visited Kharkiv under a medical project

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On November 19th in the framework of the project “Stop the epidemic of cardiovascular accidents” the best Ukrainian cardiac surgeons conducted examinations and consultations for the Kharkiv region residents. Those who needed urgent surgery, were sent to the Amosov National Institute of Cardivascular Surgery in Kyiv.

Capital colleagues, doctors from the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, worked with Kharkiv specialists at the regional hospital. Together they received everyone and exchanged their experience.

Among people who have attended a medical appointment, there were those who didn’t suspect to be ill. There were some patients among Kharkiven whose problems couldn’t not be solved medicamentally. Irina Tsybina is 49 years. Thirty years ago, a woman was diagnosed with a combined heart disease.

During the year, a team of experts of the Amosov Institute, have visited all Ukrainian regions, Kharkiv was the last one. According to experts‘ wordsKharkiv cardiac surgery is one of the strongest in the country. Kharkiv surgeons operate not only adults, but also children. In general, about 70% of the Ukrainian population have heart diseases.

Konstantin Rudenkothe chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of Health said: “The current level of heart attacks in Kharkiv is about 3,000. Its mortality doesn’t differ from the Ukrainian one — it is about ​​13.13%. The main problem consists in logistics, in timely patients delivery. The problem number two is expendable materials.

The guests said that to improve the quality of medicine and make it equally accessible, it is necessary to establish cardiac care interregional centers with intensive therapy.

For one day more than 100 people have visited the Kyiv medical specialists. There were 50 children among them. Some of them were in urgent need of surgery.

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