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In Kharkiv was discussed the role of women in peacekeeping in Ukraine


The events which took place on November 10 and 11 were attended by representatives of different regions of Ukraine and other countries.

The organizer of the seminars is Ukrainian public organization “Union of Women of Ukraine”. The program “Peacekeeping in Ukraine: the role of women” is a series of seminars which are supported by the UK Government.

The event organizers explained that the aim of a series of seminars is to start a dialogue between women activists from different regions of the country and to create a platform where they can exchange views on the perspectives and discuss closely to the topics urgent problems. The objective of the meeting is to enhance and strengthen the role of women in peacemaking in Ukraine.

Opening the first seminar of the series, on behalf of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration the Director of the Social Security Department Yuriy Shparaga congratulated the participants.

“All the issues which dear members of the public discuss today, we as governance keep under control. Women’s initiative is very important for us because they pay attention to the painful problems of our country and often find original and effective solutions,” said Yuriy Shparaga.

On the first day of the program presentation of representatives of public organizations of Great Britain, Vietnam and other countries as well as the representatives of different regions of Ukraine talked about how women can influence the establishment of peace in the Donbas. The discussion also touched on the themes of volunteerism, purposeful assistance and strengthening the dialogue with the authorities.

In the course of further seminars it was discussed how the conflict in eastern Ukraine affects on every family. They also spoke about internally displaced persons (IDPs) and families of military personnel.

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