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Kharkiv IT specialists will be able to travel easier to the Czech Republic

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The Czech government plans to simplify the procedure for obtaining visas for Ukrainian engineers and IT-specialists required by Czech companies.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Lubomir Zaoralek, explained how the authorities will deal with those Ukrainians, who were invited to work by Czech firms. “If a person provides proof on his employment, all the relevant documents, hands over finger-prints – his paperwork will be immediately sent to the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic. Information will be checked and a decision on the annual work visa will be made”, – said the Minister.

The Czech companies job applicants will not have to go through hours of interviews at the consulate as it was before.

According to ”Ceske Noviny”, 500 specialists in engineering sciences from Ukraine will be able to obtain visas under the simplified scheme within a pilot project. If the plan justifies itself, in the next six months the procedure will be simplified for other sought-after professionals in the Czech Republic.

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