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Workshop “Place of Power” invites Kharkivens

photo by Igor Leptuga

The workshop “Place of Power” will be held in Kharkiv for the second time. The festival will be held on November 7th in “SUN CITY Premium”. This project joins all who are interested in the practice of self-knowing, self-improvement and personal fulfillment, said the organizers.

A member of the organizing committee of the workshop “Place of Power” Irina Bronnikova emphasized that the purpose of the event is to create positive atmosphere, good ideas and practical skills for a successful life. “We want to give people an opportunity to talk about themselves, about their problems and get advices,” she said.

The consultations will have traditionally three directions: 1. Finance, business, leadership; 2. Love and relationships; 3. Physical and mental development of a person.

This time organizers added a new interesting direction – a psychological informative game. Such games help a person to reveal new qualities or to obtain additional information about himself.

“Colleagues from Kiev will come to support us. Alexander Ivanov is the expert in physiognomy who will hold training on “physiognomy and business”; Irina Malysheva is a crisis psychologist who will share practices on how nutrition can make healthy and successful person. The experts in bioenergy will tell about the influence of stones on a person’s life. The program will be very bright and rich,” said Irina Bronnikova.

The chairman of the organizing committee of the workshop “The Place of Power” Alla Mutelika noticed that there will be more physical and psychological practices this time. They are simple, accessible and highly effective.

The organizers convinced that the state of health, material wealth and personal relationships are indicators of self-enrichment. It could and should be improved these skills. They invite all Kharkivens to use this unique opportunity.

More details you can find on the site of organizers.

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