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It is now harder to obtain compensation for IDPs

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Temporarily displaced persons from the Crimea and Donbass, will now have to prove that they (and their families) have no housing on the territory controlled by Ukraine in order to get a partial compensation for the accommodation expenses.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine amended the procedure for granting compensation.

Note that the decree does not specify how the temporarily displaced people (IDP) has to prove that one does not have property in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Therefore, the lawyers suggest that for these purposes corresponding IDP will have to obtain a certificate from the Unified Register of property rights.

FYI: the compensation is 884 UAH per month for disabled persons (pensioners, underaged) and 442 UAH for the unemployed able-bodied persons. If the people of the latter category do not manage to find jobs within two months, they will be deprived of these benefits.

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