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New youth project was presented in Kharkiv


On October 10th, the “Youth in Action” project was launched at the presentation and exhibition center “Radmir-Expohall”. The goal of this project is to attract the active youth and students to embody their ideas on the development of the city. The students of Kharkiv universities, businessmen and politicians participated in the event.

It is an open platform for self-realization of students, improvement of their skills through non-formal educational tools, meeting with experts in different fields who will share their experience with the participants.

“This is a completely new, unique project, designed for students and people who have recently graduated from college,” said the coordinator of the “Youth in Action” project, the candidate for deputy of the City Council from “Obiednannya” Samopomich” Nikita Andreev. According to him, the project covers six directions: business, politics, student government, sports, IT, multimedia.

The project will last until the end of the year and will consist of three stages. The first one is the meeting of students with the people who succeeded in their field of work. The second stage is drawing up ideas and projects. The third one is the realization of these ideas. The best-acting participants will be offered jobs at the leading enterprises of Kharkiv.

“Our goal is to prove that young people can change Kharkiv. Future belongs to youth. Authorities say they will support the young people, but that’s only words. We need to form our own team,” said Nikita Andreev.

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