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Experts will discuss the future of Kharkiv in the next 5 years

Tomorrow, on October 3rd, the Strategic Session “Kharkiv-2020” will be held at the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv. Association “Samopomich” will discuss with experts, non-governmental organizations and well-known citizens their vision of the future of Kharkiv in the next five years.

Session “Kharkiv-2020” will consist of a series of group workshops. They include team work on projects of cluster model of development of Kharkiv. The projects will receive expert advice – crash test proposals for cluster development.

The purpose of the event is to develop a strategy for socio-economic and cultural development of the city. It will form the basis of a pre-election program for the “Association “Samopomoshch” party in the Kharkiv City Council and its candidate for mayor of Kharkiv Taras Sitenko.

As a part of the strategic session “Kharkiv-2020” will also hold a press conference of People’s Deputies of Ukraine Oleg Berezyuk, Alexander Opanasenko, Roman Semenuha, Yaroslav Markevich and the candidate for city mayor Taras Sitenko.

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