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Military elite education in Kharkiv

The young cadets enrolled for the first time this school year; “Cadet Corps” students from seventh grade. They are only twelve but they are trying to feel the taste of a grownup’s life. Platoons instead of classes, dorms instead of their own rooms, only one hour in the evening for phone conversation, and no computer games at all.

Trainings and perfect discipline seem to be real test for young students. With this easy-at-first-glance task, young men try to manage, but this is just the beginning. Field trainings are still to come. Meanwhile, gymnasium management has to deal not only with students, but also with their parents.

Every year, more future students would like to enroll into “Cadet Corps”. This year’s competition is seven people per one place. In the gymnasium, they say it shows the high patriotism amongst the youth and the desire to serve the nation.

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