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Great inventions people live in Kharkiv with

Kharkiv Region is the leading industrial, agricultural, scientific, and cultural center of Ukraine. The regional industrial production makes 5.9% of the Ukrainian industrial production volume.

Here, almost all industries are developing, including the key Ukrainian machine-building, instrument-making, fuel and energy, and electrical engineering enterprises, as well as agricultural and processing branches.

Kharkiv occupies a leading position in number of inventions. As described in the Department of Statistics, in the Kharkiv region, from the last years of advanced technologies, 98.5% were new to Ukraine.

Last year, the inventors of Kharkov received 104 documents of title, among them 26 patents for invention, and 77 for utility model patents. In the regio,n there are 1000 999 inventors. Among them are 615 women.

The climatic conditions, rich natural resources, and also, comfortable geographical location on the crossroads of Eastern Europe give national trade advantages. The highly developed and varied infrastructure strengthens the regional economic potential for the country and their parthers.

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