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Free hostel is opened for soldiers from ATO zone

“Pravyi Sektor” (Right Sector) has opened a free hostel called “Prival Osnova” for ATO zone fighters and volunteers.

Andrey Sanin, leader of the Kharkov regional organization “Pravyi Sektor” said the following: “Unfortunately, the idea came from the fact that there is a war in our country. We have faced the situation when our volunteers and soldiers, who go on rotation, have no place to stay.”

The hostel is still being renovated, but at the moment 30 people can stay at the hostel simultaneously, and later, about 200 persons. It offers three meals a day, lodging for the night, shower and internet access. There is also a psychologist and a lawyer on call: any of the guests may ask for qualified help.

The rooms are located on Saratov street, 2a and are constantly guarded by soldiers of the “Pravyi Sektor”.

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