Home Business A summer business school from Kharkiv businessmen started on July 22

A summer business school from Kharkiv businessmen started on July 22

Roman Katerinchik and Vadim Bortnik

A business school “Super Size Me” or “Double portion” organized by two Kharkiv businessmen will last from July 22 to September 1. “We will consider all stages of creation and development of the project from the idea of ​​choosing a niche to the ways of developing your business,” announces the official website of the project. The co-founders of the school are Vadim Bortnik, the owner of a set of fast-food restaurants “FreshLine”, and CEO of IT-company “Artjoker” Roman Katerinchik.

In addition to coaches five speakers-millionaires will also share their experience before the audience. Their names are kept in secret for now.

All participants of the courses will be divided into 3 teams. During 8 weeks the participants will learn how to manage finances and the team, find answers to the questions, where to get ideas on how to choose the right niche, etc. To implement this knowledge in practice, future businessmen will complete tasks to create the business project. Three teams will work simultaneously on the same real project. As a result, the best team will receive a cash award for their business development.

“The most important thing in the beginning – just to start doing. Most ingenious ideas usually come up in the process of work on the project or while searching for alternative solutions of the problem,” commented Roman Katerinchik to urbo.ua.

To become a member of the school, you must fill out a form on the official website of the school, and then pass an interview.

The participation fee is not fixed, i.e. contestants have to decide how much money they are ready to pay for courses. When you register, you can choose the price (from 5,000 to 20,000 USD.) you are willing to pay for a 49-day training. Then the rate is participating in the contest. “It should cost twice as much. Next time it will be more expensive. This is a very low price for coaching taking into account the amount of information!” explained Roman Katerinchik to our reporter.

He also told us that they received over 100 applications although the limit was only 20. Coaches believe that 10% of participants will start their projects and begin to earn good money after the courses.

FYI: Roman Katerinchik – the founder and CEO of Artjoker, has 10-year experience on the IT market of (site creation and promotion services, SEO). Roman made more than 100 presentations, implemented over 450 projects including Renault, SunInbev Ukraine, Global Spirits.

Vadim Bortnik – the owner of a set of fast-food restaurants “FreshLine” in Kharkiv. He has 17 years of active business experience: 25 sandwich bars, with a total attendance of more than 5 000 customers daily! The Kharkiv City Council awarded him twice for the development of entrepreneurship and contribute into a positive image of the city.

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