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The week of flashmobs passed in Kharkiv

Photo by Inna Dudnik

From July 13 to 18 active youth of Kharkov organized 6 creative flash mobs. Several dozen of people took part in each event, bringing their inspiration and all required equipment.

инна дудник
Photo by Inna Dudnik

The following flashmobs launched during the week:

13.07 – Dance. Guys gathered in Gorky Park and performed a famous flashmob dance. This dance was already performed by hundreds of fleshmobers since movements are very simple and energetic.

Alex Marshall
Photo by Alex Marshall

14.07 – Free hugs! All participants carrying banners with the text: “Hug me”, “Hug me”, “Wanna hug” walked through the streets of the city and embraced all the people on their way.

15.07 – Water dousing game. Unfortunately, this event was canceled due to the warnings about mining of HATOB.

16.07 – Pillows Battle. Organizers offered everybody to throw out all the negative emotions and have fun.

Andrew Dekor
Photo by Andrew Dekor

17.07 – Mystery flashmob. However, even three flashmobs actually happened: the “March of umbrellas” or “Rally against rain” on the Constitution Square, then a half of the visitors in the shopping center “Ave Plaza” suddenly froze and in the third one guys suddenly began to fall to the ground in the park near the Shevchenko monument.

18.07- Quest game REAL LIFE. Near the monument to Taras Shevchenko participants played a certain role, and lived a completely different life within 2 hours. Each player had his own duties and rights. This helped to understand other people better as well as to look at ourselves.

One of the organizers Salim Kylov told TheKharkivTimes: “The idea is very simple: teaching Kharkiv youth to rest properly! This format is very interesting, and sometimes useful, each event has its unique meaning. The most social part of the project was – quest game. In my opinion, it helps young people to realize the priorities of life.”

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